Hair Lovers, Meet Hairal7

The development of Hairal7 about 25 years ago is everything from a revolutionary solution to a pioneering product for controlling hair loss and stimulating hair growth. A one of its kind water based hair strengthening wonder, Hairal7 is manufactured to GMP standards using natural plant extracts for external application in the form of hair spray.

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Eng KhaleelEng KhaleelCustomer
Definitely recommend this hair product as I have personally used it and I genuinely believe that if it is marketed well, it will be one of the leading brands in hair care!!!!!!!No Doubts!!!
EliyaEliyaHome Maker
It’s natural , easy to use with no complicated regimens and I had hair stronger and thicker hair after its application for 6 weeks ….That’s amazing!!!
Well! All I can say is use it and see the difference!!!!!!
Siham AsmarSiham AsmarHospitality Professional
I came to know about Hairal through my friend and initially was kind of sceptical about it as I have seen many natural hair and skin care products with big claims on internet and categorized Hairal as “one of those”! Lately I began to notice my friend’s hair which seemed ...
AbdulAbdulRegional Manager
Thrilled and would definitely recommend as it’s a unique hair care product used by thousands of satisfied customers for years in the subcontinent and that in itself proves that Hairal has already carved a niche and its value can be only realised by those lucky ones who have used it ...
R MagnayeR Magnaye
I am very happy with the results.My dandruff is controlled and seems that my hair is becoming thicker and fuller than ever.
HaqHaqReal Estate Agent
I had problem with hair loss and dandruff for last 6 months. I used Hairal 7 alternate day regimen and I noticed at least 25% reduction in my dandruff in 30 day…also with reduction in hair fall. This wonderful hair formula is locally available in Hyderabad only while many hair products are ...
MohammedMohammedBanqueting Staff
I had been told that the response for hair re growth is more in women than men and that time I was desperate as I had few hair on my scalp and I wanted to give it a try. I diligently did scalp combing (scalp exercise) and sprayed Hairal as ...
Vilma TranauskieneVilma TranauskienePayroll Supervisor
Before using Hairal 7 i was used Tablets: Pantogar, L’Oreal ampoules but there is no result. After using Hairal 7, I feel much more positive about dealing with my hair problem now.
Mahalingam PirapakaranMahalingam PirapakaranPayroll Officer
Hair loss is my main problem after using Hairal7 for just 6 weeks my hair volume and frontal hairline has returned. Thanks to Hairal 7.


Below are a few rational and relational reasons why Hairal7 scores ten on ten in every aspect:

Made from natural plant extracts

Water based and non-sticky

More than 25 years track record

Extensively tested for safety

100% User Recommended

Proven effectiveness

Suitable for both Men and Women

100% Alcohol free

Visual results from 6-8 weeks of regular use*


  • Hairal 7 is manufactured to GMP standards
  • Quality control checks are performed by state approved
    licensing authority recognised by the Scientific and Industrial
    Research Organization (SIRO)
  • Certified by Cosmetics Compliance UK
  • Tested in accordance with current EU and UK legislation, Council Directive EC No: 1223/2009
  • Tested by MCS Laboratories for compliance with European Pharmacopoeia criteria.
  • SASO Compliant with cosmetic regulation GSO 1943/2009

Only water based natural hair spray which controls hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

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